Thursday, May 14, 2009


The instructional strategies presented this week correlate with the principles of behaviorist learning theory well.

The first strategy was using a spreadsheet to keep track of effort. This fits into the behaviorist theory because it allows the students to change their "behavior" on their own with the teacher not having to persuade them to change. Effort affects achievement and effort can be looked at as a behavior (Pitler, Hubbell, Kuhn & Malenoski 2007). With the students analyzing their effort they really have a good place to look to change what they don't like.

The other strategy was homework and practice and what will really help students to review and apply what they are learning. To make homework a meaningful review and extension of what goes on in the classroom, students need to have a connection to it and not feel like it is just busy work. Giving students options when it comes to homework results in a better understanding and participation rate from the students. Doing this will result in a more desired "behavior" for doing homework.

Pitler,H., Hubbell, E., Huhn, M., & Malenoski, K. (2007). Using technology with classroom instruction that works. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.


  1. Hello Tiffany,

    You mention in your blog, "Giving students options when it comes to homework results in a better understanding and participation rate from the students". I whole heartedly agree with differentiating homework, however, as I think about it, I have only modified it, not differentiated it. Would you please elaborate on the ways you offer your students homework options. Do the assignments vary, or does the method of completion vary? This is a very intriguing idea, and I look forward to your input!

    May I also add that your new baby is a beautiful! Congratulations. Your puppy is adorable as well.


  2. Lauren,

    As far as me trying to vary assignments, I have not figured out how to do so much with teaching math. What I have done in teaching other subjects however is to vary the method of completion. When I taught Language Arts I would allow the students to write a paper, make a power point presentation or come up with another way to present their findings.

    Thank you for the comment on the baby and the dog too!