Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My GAME Plan is falling into place

Well, I finally got the updated software installed on my computer. Now all I have to do is learn how to use the SMART Response controllers. I was messing around with them a little bit the other day and from what I was able to do, they seemed to be pretty awesome. The one thing I was a little disappointed with was that the controller program did not have a "math" toolbar. While I was able to do a lot, I was not able to put every type of problem in a question. I guess for the majority of the test I can use the controllers, and for the problems that I can't put into a question on the controllers, I can have the kids answer those on a paper test.

Overall, this technology will really help drive my instruction. We have a couple teacher's in the building who use similar controllers (CPS series) and the kids seem to really enjoy it. If nothing else it will break up the monotony of the day for my kids.

Here's hoping things go well. We have a training next week and then I'm sure it will be difficult to get a set of controllers to use because more people will be interested in using them. I hope I can at least use them once or twice so I know what I can do with them. My Principal said that if there is a good response from teacher's using the controllers, he would try to get every teacher in the building their own set. As awesome as that would be, I have a hard time believing it will happen until I see it.


  1. When you talk about the smart response remotes, what do you mean by that? Are they similar or the same as the remotes that correspond to the smart board, which allow your to create tests or other lessons and the students can interact by clicking on the correct letter button and each remote has a number and once that student has locked in thier answer their remote number turns green on the button letting you know that they have answered, is that similar to what you are talking about? If so they are a wonderful tool and your students and yourself will really enjoy them and it give the students a chance to take an assessment not involving paper or pencil except for a couple of problems. Good post, hope it all works and good luck!

  2. I liked what you had to say about the SMART response clickers. I know that you will absolutely love them when you are able to have them in your classroom. It is a great asset to teaching. Good post.

  3. Please keep us updated on your principal's "promise". It would be great for every teacher to have their own set but, like you, I wonder if that will actually happen. The Promethean response system (similar to SMART) is not cheap, but the CPS set you mention is more affordable. CPS systems can be used by any teacher who has a projector. Smart boards are not required.

  4. Coach - Yes those are the controllers I am talking about. I can't wait to start using them with my students.

    Susanna - I will.


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