Tuesday, December 15, 2009

GAME Plan ...... continued

Well as much as I love using the SMART Response controllers, I have run across a few things that could use some "tweaks". Besides not having a "math" toolbar to use to type in questions, my students have to be very aware of what they are typing into the controllers. The technology is not "smart" enough to realize that 4 and 4.0 are the same answer. If I type the answer as 4 and they type it in as 4.0, they get it marked wrong.

As much as I love the fact that the computer grades everything for me instantly, it doesn't leave much room for errors or differences in answers. If I were grading it myself, I would give students the benefit of the doubt. 4.0 and 4 in my eyes are the same answer.

Maybe I just need to stop giving students the benefit of the doubt. If the directions do not specify to round to the nearest tenth, then 4.0 technically is wrong. Maybe, I should just be happy with where the technology is at this point in time. It's funny, some people are so against moving along with the times, where others like me, want things to move along faster.

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