Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The continuation of my GAME Plan

Well I FINALLY got to use the controllers. THEY ARE AWESOME!!! My kids loved using them. They got their results as soon as everyone finished and I was able to use the instant results to guide my lessons for the following day. I realized that there were two types of problems that were the most missed, so I focused on those problems and made up some new study tools so my students could start to perfect their skills. I am going to give a quiz again on Friday using the controllers so I can get instant results again.

So now that everything is starting to fall into place, the only "problem" I have is we only have two sets of controllers in the building and 75 teachers that want to use them. I have been fortunate enough to use them quite a bit because not everyone has the software installed on their computers yet. As soon as they do though, we'll be "fighting" for control of them. Hopefully our principal will follow through on his word, and get more sets.


  1. That is awesome about your students reactions!! My students loved them as well when we used them. It is challenging to incorporate technology at least in a way where everyone has equal oppurtunity due to the lack of funds. I hope that your school is able to get more of these remotes because it is a wonderful tool and students do love using them, and as teachers is it great to get results almost immediately, so you know where to go from there. I am glad it worked so well for you! Nice Post,

  2. Coach,

    Thanks. I really hope we are able to get more clickers to use all the time. I know that we have been promised things in the past and never see the follow through.


  3. I run into similar issues when I write grants for new equipment. I do all the leg work and present the use of new gadgets to the staff then I am no longer able to get access to the equipment I taught the staff to use. I am at a small district so often times we do not get the approprate quantity of new technology that we need. So as a result we have to share. Sharing is something I have never been very good at especially if I did the work to get the new equipment. It is a double edged sword. I am happy that more teachers are using the technology but unhappy that I cannot use it all of the time after I desiged many lessons around the technology that I wrote grants for.

  4. You mention the hardships taht you have to face to get other people involved in the issue of controllers. This reminds me of my own situation - whenever I am about to make something new work, there comes somebody who just calls stop and asks me to explain in detail, defend my opinions... It is hard not to get disgusted by this as it seems to me sometimes that some teachers just believe that being older means being more experienced - not more, ultimately - and no one can be more...