Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Snag in my GAME Plan

Well it's official ... Computers hate me. Obviously, I am being over dramatic, but sometimes I really feel like these inanimate objects, these machines, are out to get me and make my life miserable. I was all set to get my SMART Response controllers up and running and the software on my computer became inactive and I had no way to use them. Apparently the software was not installed correctly in the first place, this was after the update to the original software that I had to persistently beg for.

I had to put in another request to our IT Department (who is severely understaffed and in the middle of updating every computer in the district to Office 07) and explain to them that I needed them to uninstall the Response software and then re-install it. It took about 3 days for someone to finally get over to my classroom to fix the problem. As of 3:00 this afternoon, it was supposed to be fixed so I will be able to FINALLY use the response system tomorrow for the first time. I am super pumped about this. I know, it's the little things in life, but it's something new for me and my kids and it's instant feedback. We are also finally having an in-service on this product so I will be able to use even more effectively.

Here's hoping my computer realizes how much I really do love it and hopefully it will work for me from now on ..... wishful thinking?


  1. WOW,

    really nice contribution! I like the way you feature the way it works. And it really does...

    We aim at managing something but then, later on, when we almost have accomplished the target, something goes wrong. Luckily enough, you have the patience to hold on, I do not always present the same conduct, to be honest :-).

  2. Having your computer act up like that is no fun, especially when you expect it to run correctly after being installed. This is just a little set back that some people encounter. One must not get discouraged when this happends, it happens all the time. As for the dept coming to fix the problem, it was good that they came to solve the situation after being called. Have fun with the program and computer when it is all running smoothly.

  3. I am sure that computers really do not hate you. I hope that you are able to get everything up an running and I would love to hear about your thoughts after you have been able to use the SMART response clickers.

  4. Thanks everyone ... stay tuned for further details.

  5. Oh no! It is funny how technology works sometimes. It is so fantastic when it is working properly, but so much can go wrong and we can feel lost without it. In my blog post for this week I mentioned that our server was down all week so we had no access to any of our files. It was so hard to get through the week without our computers. I found myself digging through my filing cabinet more than ever before. I am keeping my fingers crossed that eveything is back to normal for Monday!